Nick Wakelin, London, UK


Polly Gasston Goldsmith

Polly Gasston is a Kent-based independent Goldsmith who works only in 22ct Gold and uses techniques employed by the ancient Greek and Roman jewellery makers.

Polly exhibits at the Goldsmiths Fair and other high profile exhibitions each year but does not have a shop front so her website needed to fulfill that role.

After the inital design and setup Nick has continued to work closely with Polly to enhance the design and user experience of the public-facing aspects of the site and to add functionality to the custom-built Content Management System whenever required.


Southwark Pensioners Centre Website

The Southwark Pensioners Centre was looking to refresh its brand image, one of the reasons being that it wished to appeal to a wider audience. With a growing number of older people using the web it was important that the website should play a central role in providing information and support quickly to those seeking it plus create a forum for open discussion about issues that affect pensioners.

Nick redesigned the logo, stationery and newsletter before redesigning and developing the website. The website is built using the MODx framework/CMS and uses custom PHP and JQuery.

Nick also created a 32 page user manual for editing all aspects of the site.


The Jeweller Recruitment website

The National Association of Goldsmiths were looking to find a way to reduce printing costs for The Jeweller Magazine (the official magazine of the National Association of Goldsmiths). As there weren’t any recruitment websites aimed specifically at those wishing to working in the jewellery industry it was decided that the recruitment ads that appeared in the then bi-monthly publication would now be published online and www.jeweller-recruiment.co.uk was born.

Nick designed the site and developed the site from scratch in PHP/MySQL with a custom CMS. Also included is an automatic notification script which emails users when new jobs that are posted match their specifications, and jobs are updated daily through a script executed via a CRON job.

The site has been highly optimised and consistently appears at the top of Google SERPs for a number of long and short-tailed search terms.


The Jeweller Magazine website

As part of the National Association of Goldsmiths drive to increase readership of The Jeweller Magazine Nick was asked to create a website where Members could view the latest issue of the magazine whilst non-members could view selected articles from the previous issue.

Nick created a easy-to-navigate website with a simple Members section. For ease of use and update the hi-res magazine PDF is uploaded to the Jeweller Magazine’s issuu.com account and the issuu.com reader is then embedded in the password protected Members page. A downloadable magazine back catalogue is also available behind the password-protected area.

The Jeweller Magazine is now produced on a monthly basis and Month-on-month readership of the online version increases steadily.


Geneveieve Hamilton website

Genevieve Hamilton is a professional soprano soloist who sings with some of the finest professional choirs in London including the BBC Singers, Polyphony and RSVP Singers. As a professional singer Genevieve needed a simple website to list her extensive repertoire, show her curriculum vitae and provide contact details. Professional photos were in short supply but she sanctioned the liberal use of butterflies and the colour purple!

The site was built using MODx CMS and includes the JWPlayer audio player.