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Nick offers a wide selection of digital design and development services.
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Web Design and Development Services

Website Design

Designs and ideas
Your site can be designed from scratch or will be designed from ideas provided.

Every aspect of branding will be taken into acount and an emphasis is made on uncluttered forward-looking design.

Your site will either be designed to a standard fixed width page design or will use a fluid design which expands to fit the width of the browser.

Other formats
If you wish to have an additional mobile-friendly or tablet-friendly version of the site design, this can be easily accomodated.

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Editing your Content (CMSs)

Take control of your site
The web has moved on from the days of rarely updated 'static' content. With the rise of freely available Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wordpress, it is possible to take control of all of the editable aspects of your site.

Nick will take your site design and integrate the CMS structure with it seamlessly so you will be able to edit content, add and delete pages, upload/edit images and manage documents.

CMS Options
Nick noramlly works with WordPress, MODX or his own custom-built CMS but other CMS options may be able integrate other CMS upon request

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Page Speed Optimisation

Slow pages can affect Google ranking
The web is all about finding the quickest route to the most relevant information you are looking for. If your site pages take a long time to load this could have negative effects for your site 'visibility'.

Nick offers two solutions to combat page speed issues:

Server-side optimisation
This involves among other things: page compression, file caching, image caching, script caching, MySQL optimisation etc. Please note - this will depend on server setup

Client-side optimisation
This involves amonng other things: javascript and CSS compression, image sprite substitution, reduction of unnecessary DOM elements, reduction of inline CSS, re-ordering of code etc

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Website Building

Initial site content is written using valid XHTML with cross-browser compatibility in mind and all sites are tested in Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari and Opera.

Standard and bespoke web development
Standard functionality such as calendars, online forms, secure areas etc can be included easily but Nick can also build custom functionality, just ask!

Social Networking
Social networking features are quickly becoming part of most websites. Nick can include FB Like buttons, Twitter /RSS feeds, forums, comments, blogs...you name it.

Inclusivity has always been central to the World Wide Web creators' vision, and web designers and publishers can no longer afford to ignore this fact

Accessibility functionality such as text resizing option and hi-contrast colour schemes can easily be integrated with your site whereas meaningful descriptive page structure and descriptive hyperlinks etc. will already form the backbone of it

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Search Engine Optimisation

With an ever-increasing number of sites on the web it has never been more important to make sure your site can be found easily by the major search engines and directories such as Google and Yahoo

There are two types of Search Engine Optimisation that can be undertaken on your site.

Onsite Search Engine Otimisation
Your site will automatically be optimised your site as standard. This will involve: correct page structure, alternative captions for page elements, friendly URLs etc. Nick will also setup a Google Analytics account to monitor site activity, setup weekly activity reports (which will be emailed to you) and create an auto-generated Google sitemap (wherever possible)

Offsite Search Engine Optimisation
The World Wide Web (as the name suggests!) is a network of connected information sources and search engines are the tools that are designed to get you to the information you need by the quickest and shortest route available

When competing for 'share of voice' on search engine results pages (SERPs) it is not enough to have a self-contained well-structured and descriptive site - it needs to be well-connected.

Nick can offer a number of offsite SEO services including: link-building, article writing, feed creation and submission and Search Engine Marketing (SEM - Google Adwords etc). Nick can also arrange affiliate marketing of your products.

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eCommerce Solutions

It has never been easier to set up your own online business.

Nick can setup a fully working online shop or add a shopping cart and payment gateway (PayPal or WorldPay) to your existing site (depending on server requirements) and you could be up and running in a few days

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All Other Services

HTML Email/SMS Campaigns

The age of professional junk mail is over. In this unprecedented climate of consumer power and influence, the people have spoken. Gone are the days of buying expensive anonymous email lists - opt in is the new opt out!

By creating newsletter/news signup boxes on your site you will encourage consumer confidence and loyalty

Making the most of what you have
The humble newsletter (in the form of an HTML email) is often a very smart and cost-effective way of reaching your target audience and letting them know you are thinking of them

Nick can design and build the newsletter, organise the mailout, manage subscriptions and bounces and track recipient movements using sophisticated email metrics

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Organise an SMS (text message) campaign
Nick can also organise SMS campaigns for you.

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Data Manipulation/Cleansing/Other

Nick offers a number of services regarding data manipulation including:

  • Cleaning up Excel Spreadsheets
  • Data Extraction (Excel, Access, MySQL)
  • Excel macro writing
  • XML feed creation (including RSS, Atom)
  • XML data extraction
  • Data harvesting (for price comparison sites)
  • Data linking/formatting for Quark Express

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Website Hosting

All sites created can be hosted on a robust Virtual Private Server with an estimated uptime of over 99%. If you choose this option you will have access to the Plesk Contol Panel where you can configure your email accounts, access the file system and manage you MySQL databases plus a lot more. If you require additional software to be installed on the server this will be accomodated (wherever possible)

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Print Services & everything else!

Nick has extensive artworking skills and experience of print production and can offer the following services:

  • Photo editing/retouching
  • Logo redrawing
  • Artworking in Quark and InDesign on Mac and PC

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Nick also has experience in video production and can offer the following services:

  • Soundtrack writing and editing
  • Video editing

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